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About Our Conway Facility

Baptist Health Medical Center-Conway is a faith-based, state-of-the-art facility offering an integrated healing environment for the care and comfort of patients and families. Our 260,000 square-foot facility features 120 beds and eight operating rooms and provides comprehensive medical services within our hospital facility as well as offerings for care at a number of conveniently located family clinics and specialty clinics in and around the Conway area.


Baptist Health exists to provide quality patient-centered services, promote and protect the voluntary not-for-profit healthcare system, provide quality health education, and respond to the changing health needs of the residents of Arkansas with Christian compassion and personal concern.


In fulfilling our mission, we place special emphasis on the values of service, honesty, respect, stewardship, and performance.


Baptist Health is more than a business –– it is a healing ministry. Our healing ministry is based on the revelation of God through creation, the Bible, and Jesus Christ. At Baptist Health, care of the whole person ­­–– body, mind, and spirit –– is an expression of Christian faith. We are instruments of God’s restorative power and are responsible for giving compassionate care.

Our comprehensive services for our Conway community

Take a look at the services we offer at our Conway facility.  We're committed to serving a wide variety of healthcare needs for our Conway community, and below you'll be able to learn more about the various services we offer.  Our hope is that you can find your next career opportunity working in one of the many departments at our Conway facility.

Medical/Surgical Telemetry

Offering post-surgical care for various types of surgeries such as orthopedic, urology, and neuro-spine, just to name a few. Patients here primarily have a shorter length of stay, creating a fast-paced environment. Nurses here will help patients with post-operative care and education, pain management, and discharge teaching.

Nurses may care for a variety of medical/surgical/telemetry and infectious disease patients using different skill sets from their clinic practice. These nurses focus on patient safety, procedures, medications, and other needs of a diverse patient population in the acute care setting. Nurses may be cross trained to care for patients in all four units.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

We provide full time medical, nursing, and therapy needs for multi diagnosis patients primarily: neuro, critical illness myopathy, multi-trauma, amputee, and other medically complex diagnosis. A staff conference is held weekly with physician and team members to include nursing, pharmacy, therapy, and case management/social workers. Intense family education and training is provided throughout the stay. Our nursing team consists of RNs, LPNs and PCTs.

Critical Care

We receive patients needing critical care from both within our facility and outside facilities. We provide care for medical/surgical, cardiac, renal, and other conditions. RNs in ICU are heavily involved in the care decisions for our patients and are focused on teamwork within our department and with other disciplines to provide exceptional, compassionate care for our patients.

Here we house our IMU (AKA Stepdown) unit for patients who require additional monitoring, but don’t require the level of intensive care provided in ICU. IMU is a team-focused, fast-paced environment and patients commonly have quick turnaround times as they improve and are able to transition to MedSurg level of care.

Emergency Department

The Conway Emergency Department is a Level III trauma center, which means it has demonstrated the ability to provide advanced trauma life support (ATLS) prior to the transfer of patients to a higher-level trauma center. Our trauma rooms are equNurse’s are all Trauma Certified within their first year and equipped with Advanced Life Support and Pediatric Life Support.

Women’s & Children

Conway hosts Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum (LDRP), and antenatal rooms. In addition to private triage rooms and on-unit OR suites. Our infants room-in for the entirety of their stay and most care is provided in the room for both mother and infant. We routinely deliver low to medium risk mothers 35 weeks and above. We offer several options for labor pain control including positioning, coaching, nitrous oxide, IV medications, and epidurals, and enjoy catering to mothers that prefer a more natural approach to labor. Our goal is to provide an amazing birthing experience while ensuring safe and compassionate care.

PeriOperative Services

Serving the operating room, Cath Lab, and infusion therapy, this fast-paced environment involves preparing patients for procedures in a way that facilitates patient safety. Our Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) monitors, assesses and utilizes critical thinking during the recovery phase of a patient's operative visit.

Our Cath Lab is a two lab procedural area designed to help patients understand what their hearts need to be healthy and how to treat and prevent disease. We also function as an Interventional Radiology department, offering a great number of services including Thoracentesis, Paracentesis, Drain Placements, Vascular Access, Biopsies, and more.

Shared Governance Structure

The Shared Governance structure is designed to support a philosophy of staff participation in decision-making that provides direct-care professional nurses with the opportunity to participate in decision making and policy formulation which affects their individual practice. It creates an open, collaborative, integrated culture within the department that respects dialogue to resolve issues, equally valuing each member’s expertise and contribution. Below are the councils that support this vision.

Nurse Practice

The Nursing Practice Council implements and maintains standards of clinical nursing practice and patient care consistent with evidence-based practice and requirements of regulatory agencies while monitoring the appropriateness and effectiveness of the care provided, assessing and ensuring compliance with established standards.


The Nursing Education Council provides support for the development and implementation of diversity initiatives within nursing, and works to foster a respectful, culturally appropriate environment for patients, families and staff members. They are also responsible for fostering collaboration between clinical departments and the information services and technology departments.

Nursing Leadership

The Nursing Leadership Council provides a forum for the discussion of specific issues and priorities within the Department of Nursing Services and Patient Care. This inter-disciplinary input helps develop strategy, manage care delivery, and ensure excellent service and quality across all patient care settings.

Advanced Practice

The Advanced Practice Nurse Council provides leadership and direction to all APRN practice. This includes the nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and certified registered nurse anesthetists. The Council works collaboratively to identify issues important to their patients and develop strategies to address their needs.

Nursing Peer Review

The Nursing Peer Review Council works to improve overall and individual performance while promoting autonomy. They provide a process by which practicing registered nurses systematically access, monitor, and evaluate the quality of nursing care provided by peers as measured against professional standards of practice.

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The Conway Experience

  • Nursing Leadership Vision: The Baptist Health Conway Nursing Leadership Team will create the BEST culture to practice and receive exceptional, compassionate care.
  • Culture of teamwork is expected and experienced! One of the most frequent compliments received from nursing students during their clinical rotations is around the teamwork they witness every shift, day or night.
  • State of the Art Technology that supports the nursing team including but not limited to Telehealth services to inpatients that include Wound Care, Cardiology, Pulmonolgy, and Infectious Disease. These services allow the hospital to manage care for the patient locally. Also included is Caregility and iObserver for monitoring patients with high falls risk, closer monitoring, and for streamlining communication between the provider and family. MyChart Bedside Tablets to allow patients and family access to the medical record during their stay.

Micah Johnson, CNO

Thank you so much for taking the time to explore our webpage and potential career opportunities with Baptist Health! My name is Micah Johnson, and I serve as the Chief Nursing Officer for Baptist Health Medical Center - Conway. My hope is that as you scroll through our information, you will quickly see that not only do we offer a variety of services and specialties, but that we truly value and appreciate our team members. Our leadership team strives to create the BEST culture to practice and receive exceptional, compassionate care.

A team of nurses showing a certificate and enjoying their nursing careers.

Kristy Rueff, Medical Surgical/Telemetry and Dialysis

Caring and compassionate Daisy Award winner with almost 20 years of medical/surgical experience and achieved her national certification in 2018. Kristy began her career as an licensed practical nurse in med/surg and continued her education to become a registered nurse. Now as a nursing leader she strives to uphold Baptist’s mission, beliefs and vision for our community and our patients.

A team of nurses showing a certificate and enjoying their nursing careers.

Jacob Kuipers, Critical Care

With Baptist Health for over five years, most of which has been in Critical Care. As the nursing leader, Jacob views his responsibility as ensuring the safety of the patients and team, to allow Baptist Health Conway to be the best place to practice and receive exceptional, compassionate care.

A team of three Baptist Health nurses assessing an Xray at a hospital in Arkansas

Tracy Stone, PeriOperative Services

Nursing leader with over 30 years of experience with primary focus in perioperative services. Tracy has demonstrated progressive growth by working as an orderly, surgical tech, staff nurse, and then transitioning into leadership. His daily focus is to ensure his team has the resources necessary to be successful.  

A Baptist Health employee on a video call or interview for a careers in nursing in Arkansas

Traci Altman, Women & Children Manager

Over 18 years of obstetrics and women’s health experience. Master’s prepared in nursing administration and education with national certification in inpatient obstetrics with progressive leadership in education and unit management.  Traci works with her team to provide exceptional, safe care while creating a memorable, positive experience for their patients and their families.

A Baptist Health employee on a video call or interview for a careers in nursing in Arkansas

Jo Lynne Gasaway, Medical Surgical/Telemetry and Inpatient Rehabilitation

Hands on and compassionate leader with more than 20 years of experience in leadership and 34 years in nursing. Jo Lynne began her career as a diploma nurse graduate, then obtained her bachelor’s degree in nursing. She has spent the entirety of her career in the medical / surgical specialty and achieved her national certification in 2018.

A Baptist Health employee on a video call or interview for a careers in nursing in Arkansas

For Your Health and Happiness

Knowing that happiness and health are intertwined, we offer benefits that support your whole being. Benefits that are there for you and your family when you need them. When it comes to Arkansas employee benefits, we are proud to offer some of the best.

Health Insurance (HMO & HSA Compatible HDHP)

Two Dental Plans

Long & Short Term Disability Insurance

Retirement Plan

Health Insurance (HMO & HSA Compatible HDHP)

Baptist Health health plans include provisions to help manage the health of our employees and their dependents. Each plan offers a unique network of high-quality physicians and care management services.

Dental Plans

We offer access to the largest network of dentists in the state through two different plans. With family-friendly rates and 100% covered preventative care, working at Baptist Health keeps your whole family smiling.

Long & Short Term Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is one of the most important benefits you can have because it actually provides income to you while you are sick or injured. Our short and long term plans can work for you when you can’t work for yourself.

Retirement Plans

Our retirement plan has tools to help you determine how much to invest, track how your investments are performing, and manage your beneficiaries. Baptist Health will match a percentage of your savings for up to 8% of your pre-tax salary.

Employer-paid Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important part of your financial well-being, especially if others depend on you for support. Baptist Health’s Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance helps ensure the future of your beneficiaries.

Credit Union Membership

Baptist Health Federal Credit Union offers immediate access to direct deposit and payroll deduction; conveniently accessed through our eBranch, Mobile Banking, Telephone Teller, ATMs, and traditional teller service. Learn more here.

On-site Preschool Center

Baptist Health Preschool Center-Little Rock offers convenient, top-quality child care at affordable prices.

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Baptist Health health plans include provisions to help manage the health of our employees and their dependents. Each plan offers a unique network of high-quality physicians and care management services.

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Employer-paid Life Insurance

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